Preserving Your Capital
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Preserving Your Capital

Building your estate is only one side of the coin, protecting is another which is equally important. Set up an Asset Protection Trust and we can assist you on the proper ways to protect your hard earned assets.



  • You wish to prevent your hard earned assets from being squandered by your spendthrift beneficiaries.
  • You wish to ensure that your creditors will not be able to lay a claim on some of your assets in the event you face financial difficulties or business risks
  • You wish to protect some of your existing assets in the event your investment fails in a High Risk Investment.
  • You do not wish your beneficiaries to be reckless in managing your hard earned assets after you have passed away.

The Solution

Create an Asset Protection Trust with Rockwills Trustee Berhad and you can be assured that your hard earned assets will be protected from the abovementioned scenarios. We at Rockwills Trustee Berhad shall assist you on the proper ways to protect your hard earned assets.

How an Asset Protection Trust Helps You

  • The assets in the trust is creditor proof.
  • You can set the conditions in the trust to ensure your beneficiaries do not squander your hard earned assets.
  • You can prevent your beneficiaries’ creditors from claiming your beneficiaries’ entitlement in the fund.
  • Your assets can be protected should there be investment mistakes.

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