Financial Planning and IT Tools
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Financial Planning & IT Tools

Do not know how to start your estate planning? Find out the financial planning & IT tools from Rockwills.


Rockwills 10Plan, a fantastically convenient financial planning tool that takes away the pain and lets you plan the way you want, all in 10 minutes. 10Plan is designed to cater for those who want to plan their finance in a quick, convenient and reliable manner. What is unique about 10Plan as a solution for you is that it allows you to change variables in an instant so that you can consider alternatives going forward and then see for yourself the inflation-adjusted monthly amount you can spend or are short of.

What does 10Plan tells you?

  • Retirement fund
  • Sufficiency of children’s EDU funds
  • Monthly spendable amount
  • The amount you can or desire to leave behind
  • Surplus/Shortfall
  • Wealth accumulation projection

The Rockwills Wizard is a user-friendly software designed to help the user see very quickly the consequences of distribution of an estate under various options, namely, (1) statutory distribution (if there is no Will); (2) by apportionment under a Will; and (3) by specific allocation of assets under a Will. It also facilitates a quick check on how the distribution results change when beneficiaries and proportions are changed.
It is a useful tool for those who wish to work out an estate distribution and possible variations. It is also useful for Rockwills Estate Planners who wish to assist clients on estate planning.

Revolutionary and first in the world!

A quick reference tool that quickly tells you who gets what in a Muslim estate distribution.
Developed by as-Salihin Trustee Berhad, the FaST Guide Version 2® * is designed for those who wish to work out the distribution of a Muslim estate to heirs based on Faraid rules.
A handy calculator and guide on Muslim estate distribution. A powerful tool for financial planners.

  • No more guesswork.
  • No more complex calculations.
  • No more tables to look up.

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