Migration Consultancy Services
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Migration Consultancy Services

Thinking of migrating? Plan properly or you will mess up.


The number of Malaysians studying in or migrating to Australia or New Zealand has been growing steadily due to the well developed and high quality education system, the availability of various support services, the cosmopolitan population, and the safe and pleasant environment.

Migration is not something that can be done whenever you feel like it. It has to be planned, procedures need to be made and criteria need to be set before one really can decide whether they want to migrate or not and to see if the country they want to migrate to Will accept them or not.
Australian visa categories including:
  • Skilled Migration
    • Independent Migrants
    • Skill Matching
    • Family Sponsored Migrants
  • Business Migration
    • Business Owners
    • Senior Executives
    • Investors, Business Employees, Managers
    • Business Talent
  • Student Visa
    • Independent ELICOS
    • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
    • Higher Education
    • Masters and Doctorate Study
    • Schools
    • Non-Award Foundation (Other Sector)
    • AusAID or Defence Sponsored
  • Retirement Visa
  • Family Migration
  • Regional Visa

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